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NOTE: We have also released build G1.04, which includes a hot fix for a crash which could occur on stage 4-1 when playing the game with the 'low geometry detail' setting enabled.

Today we've released version G1.03 for Slave Zero X, which adds new content and many new fixes to the game! We appreciate your continued support and welcome any further feedback on this patch, and we hope you enjoy the ultimate challenge in the new SovKhan 300% post-game boss fight.

New content additions

- SovKhan 300% boss fight is now included in the game. This bonus fight is unlocked by a successful run in Crimson Citadel.
- The game now includes localized text for menus in subtitles in these languages: Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Thai.

Stability improvements

- Fixed crashes and softlocks which could occur in Crimson Citadel.
- By popular demand, a bug allowing the player to teleport enemies into grabbed enemies with the kunai has NOT been fixed. The occasional accompanying crash has been fixed though.

Visual fixes and improvements

- Fixed an issue with the “PVM Scanlines” shader on stage 4-1.
- Jarring camera movements have been smoothed out in 5-4.
- Updated all levels to look better with the low detail lighting mode enabled.

Quality of life improvements

- Fixed an issue where the selected ordnance cycles when leaving a menu.

Game balance changes

- Fixed an exploit where shop-based achievements could be unlocked in Crimson Citadel.

Other fixes

- The boss in 6-4 now properly counts as an encounter.
- Fixed an issue with the language reading as “English” when reentering the language menu while it is set to Hindi.
- Fixed issues with incorrect naming when unlocking certain palettes and shaders.
- Fixed a number of localization errors.
- Fixed an issue where rebinding the cancel key leaves the menu.
- Fixed an issue where the game could not be paused at the end of 5-3 under certain conditions.
- Fixed an issue where certain chronicle entries would not scroll.
- Fixed an issue where the golden trooper’s escape timer would run while the game is paused.
- Fixed numerous instances of errors with low detail geometry.
- Fixed a bug where the voice language would revert to English in level 4-5 if set to Japanese.
- Fixed a bug where taunt rebinding didn’t save.
- Fixed a bug where directional recovery didn’t work after rebinding the movement keys.
- Fixed a bug where it was possible to unpause while rewatching the tutorial.
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