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I'm encountering major graphical glitches, seems the animations are particularly messed up. Unplayable as it is for me. Controls seem responsive though. Anyone have an idea how to fix this? Please see attached images. I'm going to link this thread for the devs over on Steam too. Thanks!

This is my setup: AMD Athlon 64 3000+ (ca. 2.0 GHz), 2.5 GB RAM, Radeon 9550 256MB, WinXP SP3
gfx_mess1.jpg (478 Kb)
gfx_mess3.jpg (487 Kb)
gfx_mess4.jpg (316 Kb)
gfx_mess5.jpg (323 Kb)
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Apart from the flickering visuals, after dying I need to ALT+F4 out of the game. Keyboard and gamepad both are unresponsive on the death screen.