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While Singularity isn't any Shadow of the Colossus or Dark Souls regarding story misteries and a dedicated community making theories, I would like to know who else here actually love the game to a point where more sofisticated theories could emerge. Is there some community outside FANDOM/WIKIA for this game? (a discord server or something like that?).

Questions for those fans would be like:

- Is there any relation between Kathryn Norvikova and Natasha Norvikov?

- Who are the actors behind the ARG campaing? (in special, the actress of Natasha)

- Plot-holes involving the time-travel and how could we explain them?

Everything is just for fun after beating the game (I've just finished it the second time after 8 years).

Edit1: One of the things cool regarding the plot in my opinion is how you can never truly fix the timeline, all endings are "bad": you either continue the timeline as a wanna-be-dictator or stick as a soldier, but now to the USSR/Russia (as implied by the opening credits in Cyrillic). I guess this makes a good scenario for a (im)possible sequel where MIR-12 either fights you or recruit you again in the new "good" timeline. Since the post-credits scene still plays regardless of the ending, it may be a hint that MIR-12 will always be there to try to fix the timeline and seek Renko.
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I love this game, 10+ times. I just one or two new tech items, recently.

Please vote for these, thanks...

I'm a bit busy atm. So, I'll comment on the above statement soon... ;)
There was a sequel planned back in 2012, if you do some web searching.

I was thinking. Our hero and mir-12, tries again to correct the timeline and tries to save kathren. It backfires and our main villain is brought back. Lets add some serious time travel weirdness. If kathren starts mir-12, then we should meet the modern operatives.