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I can't start this game at all. I installed it through GOG Galaxy twice anew, tried to start it in GOG Galaxy then without GOG Galaxy through monitor screen Icon and then directly in installed game directory through exe file but this fu.king game doesn't want to start in any way.
It happens it to me very sparsely because I have good computer and a lot of games installed but this happens to me anyway just now. Can you help me anybody? I have Win 10 64 bit, Intel i7 Skylake 4,3 GHz, 32GB RAM, GeForce 980.
Post edited July 13, 2017 by RadP
I had trouble with this game not starting. It needed Physics Legacy 9.13.064 Now it's great.
If I run Batman Arkam Assylum it overwrites Physics again & it won't run?

Ok it will work. I can run both games now with the above physics installed. I have to pass on the initial install of the newer physics from Batman. It runs fine on the legacy physics.
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Thank you so much! it Worked for me. i downloaded and installed nvidia phyisics 9.13.0604 and Singularity started immediately!i love this game and you just saved me 30+ euros.
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i was having the same problem - I installed nvidia PhysX 9.13.0604 and it worked fine. W10 Pro with Geforce 2060 Super
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