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I wanted to play (and stream) this game after i had installed it at launch but didnt have time to give it a try yet... i launched the game to check if no starting problem, and to set up my video capture... Things were ok...

Then today when i tried to START a playthrough of the game, the game told me a more recent version of the game was available and i HAD to UPDATE it, and closed itself after saying that !

Whaty is the damn point of DRM Free game if i still am victime of ever-scanning online connectivity to check whatever and that prevents me from playing a SINGLE PLAYER game without updating it ? If i want to be forced to update my game to latest version, thanx much but i can go on steam already

You would say "well, no big deal, you just update it !" but i stop you right there: it's a matter of principle: if i want to play with version of A game instead of y.yyy (because personal choice, because of potential mod, because of a glitch/exploit.feature i want to use and exploit) on a single player game, why should i be forced to be online checked and then force to update as a mandatory condition to play the game ?

Plus my other issue, not a general one, but a specific issue with this game here: the damn thing embarks 4k video assets alongside with low res and hd res videos... But that bloats the game up by 10 gb just for the 4k assets i'll have no use for (incidentally: updating the game will requires me to redownload the full installed game as well, even the part of content i dont use)
I really would have rather had GOG and the devs to provide a regular/hd installer for the game, ande one with any bloating fancy eye candy 4k content they want as well... so people have the choice: lets those who dont have 4k capability or have no use for 4k content to NOT be forced to waste their time and bandwidth on content they cant or dont want to use, make two separate stuff like normal edition and enhanced one, whatever name suits you...

But my main issue is about the whole online traffic, calling home, scanning computer and distant place for check of avaibility of whatever NEW version...
So did you end up getting the game to work after installing the latest version of the game?
Apologies, this is an oversight on our part.

We have since removed the update checks for GOG, any versions from 2.4.1106.353 onwards will not require mandatory updates.

FYI, you can download incremental updates in GOG Galaxy, open the game page -> Extras -> Offline backup installers.
didnt redownload the entire game installer yet as my slow connection is in mandatory use those days to upload large files for a project with a bunch of people i do stuff with...

nice thing to know the incremental updates are on galaxy (i dont use galaxy myself, but at least this is cool to hear they are already available)

for me it will have to wait for my project's transfers to be done before i get the current version's full installer

still, a 4k-less installer and add the 4k assets as a separate additionnal download could have been nice but that is just selfish comment from my part, as i understand everyone these late days have 4k capable screens and fiber internet connection.. In my country though, it is not representative of the largest portion of user base...

thanx for the replies, it's also nice for a change not to have to post on steam forums for game's support and/or having devs to answer...