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Most people would probably agree that the filtered graphics in the 25th aniversary edition don't do the original artwork justice. But what if there was a way to not only upscale the graphics while preserving all the detail, but in fact add detail that wasn't there before? Well this can be done thanks to artifical intelligence and I think the results are impressive. Fans have done this with many old games already such as the Final Fantasy series but I was curious to see how it works with low res pixel art. I simply took some screenshots and ran them through Topaz Gigapixel and this is what I got:

first screenshot is nearest neighbor upscaling, 2nd uses AI

One thing to note is that the characters don't scale nearly as well as the backgrounds, probably because they have even less detail so if you wanted to use this on the whole game you would need to do manual adjustments to all the characters and maybe some backgrounds. I'm not saying this could replace an artist who actually can redraw the backgrounds but this definitely provides a great basis. I also don't think there is a way to replace the backgrounds in ScummVM so for now this is just a demonstration.
I am fascinated with what artificial intelligence can achieve. As you said, it's not yet at the point it can completely replace an artist (and I hope we will always have to rely on human sensitivity), but it could become a useful tool to help designers in the future. And the development of a new technology usually ends up with unforeseen applications we can't even begin to imagine.
Yeah the amazing this about AI is that it recognizes things like plants, rock, wood and other materials. Or use just a few pixels to construct a complete face (dwarf in the 2nd picture).