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Years ago I remember going to the official SimCity website and seeing a featured page about mayors taking turns running a city. Like one player had a city for a few days and then they would send a file to another player for a few days and so on. Was anyone able to do this? How was it? Was it fun? Were there any similar modes I missed out on?
I was never really able to play online multiplayer in my own home until about 2009 so there's a lot of games I missed out on that I'm curious about. Especially long dead SimCity content.
Well, that's basically the description of a PBEM Succession game. Given how simple it is, I doubt the scene has died out, but more been covered by a fine layer of dust.

Dwarf Fortress has an active community of succession forts, where each "overseer" gets a season or year to direct the fort as they see fit; often leading to interesting storycrafting as they each observe and inflict different quirks and ways upon things.
Any idea where I could find people still playing this way? Simtropolis maybe?