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3000 is my favorite in the series. So I would like an update version of the game. Varied Landscaping, better choice of building types, interactive--- things like that

But what I would really like is a FRIGGING UNDO BUTTON so when I wipe out half the City while removing one building because the frame jumps and I haven't saved for three years--- I don't swear at an uncaring computer screen for 30 minutes.
Ah yes, another destructive mayor. Nothing better than wanting to remove a 4x4 residential block for some gentrification but you end up destroying the entire downtown as well. Guess taxes are going up next year.

Besides the rant, why don't you just disable edge scrolling? On 1080p or 1440p you don't even reach the edges 99% of the time when doing stuff. I had to check right now if I had it enabled, but thankfully I never do lol.
I'll give that a try.
And Sim3000, 2019 version would need an affordable housing component.
Thanks. But the rant did feel good at the time.
I just realized I thought SC3000 had that edge-scroll option but I must have mistaken it with Cities Skylines.

But still, higher resolution does solve it as you dont reach the edge of the screen to actually make the screen move. Thats how much it inconvenienced me on SC3000, barely lol. Back in the day, definitely. So my bad if you went looking in the settings to disable it.
Post edited July 25, 2019 by Evixios