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Okay, so I tried using water towers to pump the water through my little town, but when looking at the query tool, it says that the tower has no water to pump out, and everything that's connected to the pipes is not watered! Help?

Also, my water PUMP is connected to the power lines, which are connected to the power plant, but the game says the pumping station isn't powered :/

This is SC3000 btw.

EDIT: Okay, it looks like they're working! It just takes a while for certain tiles to be powered or watered and a while for power plants and water stations to start using their capacity in this game, apparently.
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Which game? Perhaps attach a screenshot if possible?
In SC3000 from what I can remember water towers with power should work wherever you place them provided there isn't any ground water pollution. Pumping stations are completely separate and have to be placed next to a source of fresh water. You don't need to place a pumping station next to a water tower to pump the water. A water tower is it's own pumping station.
And yes, the pumping station is by a lake.
ToonElectrocrash: And yes, the pumping station is by a lake.
Pumping stations can be a bit temperamental. They want to be right next to the water. Perhaps as little as 2 squares, so that all that separates one from the water is a coastline square (if we're talking about sc3000). I often have to modify the terrain itself to manage this.
I have another water-related problem: all areas of my city, that need water (so, off the top of my head, except for power plants, a marina, and landfills) have it (I checked, pipes go everywhere, it's all highlighted in blue, etc.), but I keep getting a message about some people not getting water.

Any ideas what might be causing it?
The only one I have, is that the prison (and max security prison, which I got as result of a deal) have separate water towers (because I didn't want to have to drag the pipes all the way from the city's main area), and regular pumps can't provide enough water? (guessing the game adds all amounts of water provided, when query'ing the pumps, even though the towers can't provide water anywhere other than the prisons - so might be wrong there).

But if that'd be the case, why is everything marked as getting it?
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