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I just wanted to draw your attention to my Winewrapper (x64) for macOS (10.15.4 and up) with SimCity 4 Deluxe that I made. maybe one or the other finds it quite useful.

All you need is the GOG installer of the game. Just click install game in my "Game Config" app, select the exe and the rest is automatic. The wrapper already brings everything else with it. This also includes the 4GB patch (which runs automatically) or Java SDK if you want to install NAM.

Basically, this Game Config app is almost the same (except for the mod management) as the SC4 Launcher for Windows. Mods can be installed/placed in ~/Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins

If you want it please PM me. I can´t post Links here. Or google for "Wrapper herunterladen SimCity sl-soft" and you can reach my Website where you can download it too.

Made a little Video too. Search on youtube for "4ZujHmI_DgY"
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