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Hey there,

as far as I can see SimCity 4 on GOG is only available for Windows. Why's that?
SimCity 4 is (natively!) available for Mac on the App Store and Steam, but I really want to have a DRM free version and support GOG by buying it here. Is there any chance we will get SimCity 4 for Mac here, too?

I know I could fiddle around with Wine and get it to work eventually, but if there's a native Mac version available almost everywhere else, why not here?

Maybe the staff can shed some light on this :)
The rights to the native Mac version of this and a lot of other great games are owned by "Aspyr", none of whose games are available on GOG. (*Except "Layers of Fear").

It would be great if GOG could make sort of deal with Aspyr to get those games here, but so far it hasn't happened yet.
Okay thanks, I see.
Well, then let's wait and see what happens next. Maybe some day.