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My system specs:

Zotac Zbox EN1070
i5 6400T, GTX1070, 16GB ram, running on SSDs.
Using latest version of Windows 10. (1909 and update for May)

Initially I could not get the game to launch past the video but that was solved by skipping it. Now I have 2 issues.

If I run the game from the shortcut the game crashes after about 5 seconds on the map screen.
I changed some of the settings in the shortcut like renderer to DirectX which instantly crashes, OpenGL and software both crash after about 5 seconds on the map screen.

I tried SC4 Launcher and also change my settings there only for it to still crash.

Anyone having similar issues? Any possible fixes?
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I found the fix myself.

I am running the game on a different PC and having a lot less issues. It came down to the sound that had to be disabled.

I also ran into a problem with opengl where the game would render the areas white. This is resolved by switching to direct3d but there is also a limit to this. Direct3d is used by -d:directx and the maximum resolution usable is 1920x1080 when using custom resolutions.