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JimPhelps: Hey ... maybe the Blues can respond to my question ;)

I know that there is a version of Simcity 3000 Unlimited for Linux in existence. I bought a copy of it in maybe 2000 as far as I remember. It had been ported by the -- now long defunct -- studio Loki Games. They did quite a bit of porting work on several games. I have got the box on my desk while I am typing this ... ah, the old times ...

I got it running again on Ubuntu 12.04 and also on 14.04. Worked okay, no music, intro video botched, but apart from that it ran fine.

My question would be: Is there any chance to get that version by Loki Games (which was an official port; Maxis logo on the box and everything) here on GoG? Maybe with a couple of patches and updates so that it is producing music again on modern systems?

That'd be great. :) Thank you
Almost certainly not, because of the legal reasons. Sorry!