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I'm trying to complete the "A Better Betterfield" scenario, but I had to save the game to do some other stuff.
When I got back and tried to continue, I noticed that the "Scenario Status" button in the "Ajust & Review" menu was grayed out and couldn't be clicked anymore.

Does anyone else have this problem and is there a solution for it? (other than finishing it in 1 go).

- Start sc3u (from GOG or directly from the .exe, admin mode doesn't matter)
- In the main menu, select "Play Scenario"
- Select "A Better Betterfield", and start it (any scenario will do)
- Check to see if the "Scenario Status" button is active.
- Save the game (Folder and name does not matter. Use the default "Cities" folder and any name)
- Load the game you just saved.
- Check the "Scenario Status" button, it should be grayed out.
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