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first of all, let me say that I am a new GOG user, so I barely have experience.

Anyways, I would like to install Sim City 4 without using GOG Galaxy.

But when I download the file and save it on my hard disk, I cannot open or run it.

The file is called


What should I do? Can anyone please help me out?

Thanks for the replies! What did work in the end was to simply re-name the file extension to ".exe" then it works perfectly fine when you double-click on it.
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One thing I've found with those gog installation files is that they can take a *very* long time to actually open up an installation dialog. I think this is because it has to load the entire executable file in order to actually run the executable properly. Most executables are less than 50MB, but these can be multiple gigabytes.

Worth trying to wait for an extra long time before giving up on it.
Double clikcing it should work indeed. to my experience loading times are quite fast, but that might differ from pc to pc.