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So the Unlimited Edition is missing two Songs from the non Unlimited Edition: SIM Broadway and Concrete Jungle. And I just took an hour of my precious sleeping time to get them in the game:

Concrete Jungle is actually in the unlimited edition as well, it is just disabled. For SIM Broadway it is more complicated: you have to either have the original on CD or download the demo of SimCity3000 (Google will help to find it). Once extracted you can copy the file \Res\Sound\Music\3KG2.XA to your gog installation (SimCity 3000 Unlimited\Apps\Res\Sound\MUSIC). Then open the AUDIO.INI file one folder above (SimCity 3000 Unlimited\Apps\Res\Sound\AUDIO.INI) and search for "SIM Broadway". Remove the ";" at the beginning of the line as well as the one in the line containing "Concrete Jungle" and save. Now the two songs should be in the music list in game (You can check in the Preferences)

I just didn't want my hour long endeavor to go to waste. :)
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Hehe, I did this earlier and yooou beat me to teh punch with making a threadie!

I has teh '3KG2.XA' track from my original SC3000 CD. As you write, you needs to copy that and paste it into teh SimCity 3000 Unlimited\Apps\Res\Sound\MUSIC folder, and edit teh 'AUDIO.INI' file in C:\Adam\Games\SimCity 3000 Unlimited\Apps\Res\Sound.

BUT. I'm perdy sure in teh 'AUDIO.INI' file, where teh music tracks are, 'City of Dreams' (at teh bottom of the music listings) is using '0x01' as well, and you will get a dupe SIM Broadway show/play when it comes to the in-game listing because of this. You has to edit City of Dreams' '0x01' and change it to '0x14' and theeen it will all work.

Also-also, change teh 'SimCity 2000 Theme' line in 'AUDIO.INI' to: 0x0f="SimCity 2000 Theme",0,"Music\SC2KBug.xa","",0,1,0,1 and theeen that will be enabled in the player. So three tracks! If peeps can get access to SIM Broadway's '3KG2.XA' file, obvs.
Thank you guys! Really nice description. 3 more songs with very little work. This thread is need to be stickied.
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