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does it run well and does not crash?
mattyflyftw: does it run well and does not crash?
Don't know whether the GOG version has any fixes, but the retail version runs pretty well with this fix.
Rock solid.

There might be other minor issues, however.
Ultramasterblastermegahyper solid
It's like playing on windows XP again
Depends on the luck i have a win 10 laptop from 2014 and for me Sim City 3000 Chrasesh. Usually when i want to build some buildings on specific area of the map
I use a tool called DxWnd (directx wrapper) to play the game in a big window with scaled big interface/big text. This tool also solves the problem of the map scrolling too fast and makes CPU usage lower because of the built-in framerate-limiter. Just make sure to enable "Expert Mode" on the menu and you should be ready to go. I'm making a guide on it soon...
Personally the GOG version isa running much better than my retail copy on Windows 10 but your milage may vary.