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Heya folks, I recently bought this fun little game after having not played it since perhaps 1996.

I had been wanting to test a few ideas (actually part of my reason for purchasing) and more than one of them involved allowing a simulation to run for a while. Like, several thousand years a while.

Unfortunately, this version doesn't seem to include all the game speed settings.

The version I used to have had the basics, that this version includes, up to cheetah. However, it also had an additional speed setting, I believe called African Swallow, that allowed that game to run at basically the speed your processor would allow. At a friends house I seem to recall watching dozens of years pass per second.

Is there any way to add this feature back?
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There were two versions of the game, the Windows version and the Dos version. GOG provides the version which does not offer the highest speed setting. I do not know of any patches for this.