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Many games in Dosbox need to have the mouse locked to the Dosbox window to function properly. This is a huge hassle because you need to press Ctrl-F10 to unlock the mouse. Thankfully Sim City 2000 is not one of those, and can share the mouse as smoothly as a native Windows program.

To allow it to do so open dosboxSC2000.conf in a text editor and change "autolock=true" to "autolock=false".


If you want to use another midi device other than your systems default, you'll need to fix some errors in the config file. If you are fine with the game using your system's default midi device then you can ignore this.

Under "mpu401=intelligent" are these lines:

They are wrong, they should be:

As for how to use another device, that is done by putting a number after "midiconfig=".
"midiconfig=0" tells it to use the first (default) device, "midiconfig=1" the second, etc. What device each number represents depends on your computer.
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