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Seriously, I'm absolutely loving the game, I don't know what's up with "game journalist critics" and even "hardcore gamers" doing reviews of the game.

The devs have clearly stated their major inspirations from the get-go, it's not like they were promising something different than what we got. I think people just like to complain.

No game is for everyone, I think there's a lot of entitlement going on in the gaming world, people seem to think every single game has to be made "for them", and them alone. Well, that's not true. I dislike strategy games, so I refrain from commenting on those kinds of titles, since they're not the game for me. But apparently everyone loves to crap on horror games and "walking simulators" even when they're clearly not their type of game...

We get it, guys, you miss the style of old survival horror games, where you could fight back and all that. Well, guess what? These "modern" contemporary horror titles are not stopping you from going back and playing survival horror the way you like, and no one's forcing you to buy or play these games; you're absolutely free to go and look for the games you actually enjoy (there's always Shinki Mikami's The Evil Within series, for instance, or the Resident Evil: Revelations games).

Ever since TotalBiscuit started reviewing games that were clearly not his cup of tea, I keep seeing people feeling like they have some kind of "holy mission" to diss every game because they're way too entitled and think EVERYTHING is made for them.

Is Silver Chains completely innovative and does it offer something entirely new? Well, not really, no. Does it have some jump scares? Yes, though, to be honest, a lot of games that get a lot of praise from gamers also have them and no one seems to care, in those instances. Yes, it's "just a haunted mansion" with puzzles kind of thing. But the atmosphere is one of the best I've encountered in any game of this kind, so that alone makes it worth my time. It's also extremely well optimized, by the way, as I'm playing on an extremely crappy laptop and even though I can't run it on max settings, it runs like a charm all the same.

I honestly don't understand what people expected from this game. If you know what you're getting into and you like these kinds of games, then I'm pretty sure you're going to have a great time with it. Just... don't go into it expecting Amnesia (which, since we're sharing opinions, I think is overrated as all hell, it bored the crap out of me) or the classic Resident Evil/Silent Hill experience, because that's not what Silver Chains is trying to be.
Post edited August 08, 2019 by groze