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Here is a tutorial on how to run the game with a PC-Emulator called PCem.
The old version has the advantages, that the chronicler doesn't crash the game, if you are not playing in English and the invisibility effect is intact.

1.) Download PCem ( and unpack it.
2.) Get the ROMs needed for the current version of PCem (can be found on GitHub).
3.) Open PCem and click the new-button at the bottom left.
4.) Under "Machine" pick a "Socket 7" main board (for example the "Asus P/I-P55TVP4")
5.) Under "CPU" select the "Pentium MMX 233", which is the recommended CPU for the game. If the emulation speed drops below 100%, while playing, you can later pick a slower CPU. The minimum requirement for the game is a "Pentium 166".
6.) Go to the next tab.
7.) If you want to be safe, pick the "3DFX Voodoo Banshee (reference)", which is the slowest GPU I would recommend. My Ryzen 7 2700X is fast enough to emulate the much faster "3DFX Voodoo 3 3000".
8.) If your CPU has 6 or more real cores, click the config icon next to the GPU and set the "Render threads" to 4.
9.) Go to the next tab.
10.) Set "Device" to "Sound Blaster AWE32".
11.) Go to the next tab.
12.) Click the new HDD button next to "Type: [Hard drive]".
13.) Click the folder-button to select the location and name of the HDD-image.
14.) Enter a reasonable HDD size under "Size (MB)". 1024 MB should be more than enough, but you can make it bigger, if you want to install more games than just Silver.
15.) Hit "OK" and go to the next tab.
16.) Pick the "Microsoft Intellimouse (PS/2)".
17.) You can now hit the OK-button at the bottom.
18.) Start the emulation and install a Windows 9x OS you own, like Windows 98 SE.
19.) Install these drivers:
- DirectX 9.0c (Last Version for 98 SE:
- Sound Blaster AWE32 (Install CD image:
- Voodoo GPU (For Voodoo Banshee: for Voodoo 3:
20.) Install Silver.