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Hello All,

When I played this back in the day, I swear we could make the game pause when we opened the pie menu, it is a very important part of the game, why isn't this included in the GOG version?

Have someone found a solution for this? Like some hidden options or so?
I think you're wrong. The game never paused with open pie menu for me on PC.
prisoner849: I think you're wrong. The game never paused with open pie menu for me on PC.
I am certain it did, see this post

The post has to do with the recently released steam version. But I had the original game, and it did include this option. Pausing on pie menu is a natural thing to do, I am sure certain boss fights will be unnecessarily challenging while you try to change characters, give food to them or what not, they will just be sitting there and taking damage in the meantime.

What I am wondering is if the options are embedded in the executable, or in someother file we can access to and somehow enable this option.
Thanks for that link, I didn't even realize it was released on Steam with that option. I picked up a couple years ago on GOG and it was a complete deal breaker not having that pie menu pause. I played the game when it first came out and wasn't skilled enough to micro manage the menu in some of those boss fights. Some of them were challenging enough even with the pause.
In the windows version is not present. I think only the dreamcast one had it.