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high rated
Update 1.23 (30 October 2018)


Added Mac & Linux support
Music and sound events no longer cut out unexpectedly
F1-F3 keys no longer change the upscale filter (interfered with in-game keys)
New picture controls (zoom and stretch) in preferences
Mac version now has access to all supported languages
Russian added as supported language
Various compatibility fixes
Where did the Russian version come from?

As far as I know, this game wasn't officially released in Russia.
I noticed that the invisable chests are now as invisable as a flameing zombie eating your face, is that a me thing? I remember in the original they were very easy to miss and I was playing the original on an old PC not that long ago. However on my new PC I boot up Silver and the chest right at the start of the game might as well have a sign next to it saying "Secret Chest", is that my system or can everyone see chests clear as day now?

Not having a go or anything, Silver is probably my favorite game ever, just curious.
Why doesn't have Chinese version? This game has been released in China.
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Will the game be updated to macOS 10.15? The game does not launch :(
Sergey_Dmitriev: Will the game be updated to macOS 10.15? The game does not launch :(
Same question overhere...cannot start-up my favourite game...
Be aware of this nasty bug (not fixed in the GOG version):

But... Fixed since 2017 on Steam version, as per:

Thanks for understanding! Make it happen, please. =)
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