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Hi guys,

So I haven't played this game since 2016 and it appears to have received and update, looks like it has removed the letter-boxing and replaced it with the frosted blur that we see on portrait videos stretched to full screen. It has also locked the game at 30fps which has significantly made the gameplay slower.

I thought I may have just been miss-remembering at first but my laptop had an old build installed so I pinged that over and it ran at 144fps at the proper animation speed.

Does anyone know how I can stop it being sluggish? I've tried all of the usual steps

-comparability modes
-nvidia settings
-looking though files for an obvious config doc

Nothing has come up trumps so far.

Cheers guys
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I have the older version downloaded I could give you the .exe file if thats allowed to be posted here?

never mind, seems like you can pick older versions within gog
Post edited May 02, 2020 by James2t3