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Hey all!

Usually I play all my games with kb+m (and SH4 is not an exception), but just out of curiosity I have installed XInputPlus to see how the game will play with a controller.

Turns out there is no analog movement for left nor right sticks. The character can only move in 8 directions (just like on keyboard, but due to analog nature of the stick it plays much worse than on kb) and camera can also move in only 8 directions. There is no analog sensitivity either (camera is binary - it either moves or not, and right stick doesn't control the speed at which camera turns).

Did I configure XInputPlus wrong or is it just how it is in this game (and if that is the case, then what's the point of trying to play it with controller, if kb+m is much better in this game anyway)?

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So, according to Dogs in "Vibration and DualShock4 Support" thread analog movement works on DS4 but it doesn't work with devices that use XInputPlus? Can somebody confirm?
Ok, since I couldn't find any info on that matter I bought some cheap DirectInput controller just for the sake of testing...

Apart from it working "out of the box" (you can bind right joystick to camera axis, vibration works properly without any special drivers, etc) it turned out that it works EXACTLY like XInput controller + XInputPlus. Analog movement for camera nor character doesn't exist at all.