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Hello, this may be a dumb question, but here it is:
is this a sequel to the "whispered world"?
I played that game for a while a long time ago, but never got to finish it (the english voice of Sadwick drove me up the wall).
I started playing Silence and they mention a lot of familiar stuff from this previous game, but since I haven't played it through, half of the things they're saying just doesn't make any sense for me.
Will this get any better, or should I just go back and grind through Whispered World?
(Renie and his Bro has just reunited and I'm still not sure if i should be knowing these people by now or not)
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Hi rob.field,

yes it's a sequel, but in my opinion it doesn't requeire that you have played it's prequel.

I also bougt the Whisperd Wold some time ago and canned it.
When Silence got released and looked really promising i started to play Whispered Wold again, so i would be ready for part 2. For my sake german is my nativ tounge and Whispered Wold has been updatet in the meantime, so i could avoid the disgusting english voiceovers. The german voices are slightly better and you could enable english subtitles.

But everything you have to know to follow the stroy will be mentioned in the first scene of Silence.
When Noah was unconscious he dreamed that he was Sadwick that had to rescue the King of Silence which was Noah in fact and this would destroy Silence.

So in Part II he got back to Silence that still exists. But why does it exist anyway?
Yeah, there are may references to the old story. Like there where many references to Jurrasic Park in Jurassic World, but nothing of this is critical for the puzzles or the story.