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Changelog for update 1.1 (added 10 December 2016):

Stability improvements and additional language support

- Added Chinese text and voice-over localization
- Added Polish voice-over localization
- Added Greek text localization
- Fixed some echo and other effects being missing on voice-overs in certain situations
- Fixed some hotspot texts not being displayed
- Fixed the cursor being able to move under the letterboxing
- Fixed hotspots being detected and names being displayed outside the game view
- Fixed subtitles being displayed outside the game view
- Fixed subtitles not being scaled properly on some resolutions
- Fixed various situations, in which fast, consecutive hotspot interactions would cause the game to be unresponsive
- Fixed music being played back multiple times when suspending and resuming the game
- Fixed a crash when rapidly changing scenes
- Fixed Japanese, Chinese and Korean text not being displayed in tutorial windows
- Fixed various errors in text localizations
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Changelog for update 1.2 (added 10 December 2016):

Improved controller support, resolution support and stability

- Changed the start screen to now switch to controller input when a controller button is pressed
- Fixed an issue where savegames could become corrupted after the baloon crash
- Fixed subtitles not being displayed in 4k resolutions
- Fixed some platform and driver issues causing the game to crash on Linux
- Fixed text scaling when changing the resolution in-game
- Fixed Galaxy achivements when no internet connection is available
- Fixed a few sounds, that did not adhere to the volume settings