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Dear agents,
In this last update before the full release in November, we focused our efforts on balancing the gameplay and improving the feedback of your actions.
This will make the game more rewarding when making the right decisions.
We're quite confident those changes will make the overall experience less frustrating and more satisfying. Please let us know your impressions.

Full patchnote
---- 0.21.0 ----

New buildings for South Korea, Germany and China

•Opponents now research the ultimate technology just like the player
•Balanced some contracts that were too difficult to complete
•Hacking is now working as intended in relation to the position of the hacker
•Traits bonus have been increased
•Contract requiring a drone are now completed after the drone has reached its target
•Honest and Suggestible traits don't prevent agents to bribe or convince targets anymore but decrease chances of success
•Rework of counter-espionage mechanics: the number of spy in your country is now related to the number of scientists in your Sigma lab
•Drones now need 2 days to travel to an other country
•Scientists exfiltrated from an eliminated country are not affected by the prisoner trait anymore
•Diplomacy: compromising files don't decrease relationship anymore and make the negociation easier
•Ranking is now based on the Sigma tokens collected and final tech progress rather than the total progress on each branches

•Various UI improvements
•Modified hacker detection mechanics
•Prisonners' will is now reset each day
•Clicks during dialogues now display instantly the speech bubbles
•Various balancing tweaks
•Scientists' identity is no longer hidden when displaced to an other country by an opponent
•Ranking is now based on the avancement on the final project (or on sigma points if no one is searching the final project)

•Fixed bug when conflict starts as an agent discovers the first scientist
•Fixed bug where wrong diplomat could talk when a war starts
•Fixed bug when agent quits at the same time that they are supposed to arrive to a country