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Save the President... Or not?

The long-awaited Early Access update 0.20 for Sigma Theory is now available on Steam.

The first Story Mode campaign is now playable and adds a whole new storyline to the base game with interactive dialogues involving new characters. Depending on your decisions, you will discover different endings, each unlocking a new recruitable agent.

In this campaign, several sources indicate that someone wants the President of the United States out of the equation. It's up to you to find which organization is behind this and decide if you want to stop it or take advantage of the situation.

We'll continue to create new Story Mode campaigns in the future. We need your feedback on this one to know if we are on the right track.

A new batch of influencers has joined Domingo into the Sigma Division. Please welcome Alex the Rambler, At0mium, Morrigh4n and Aiekillu. Find out how to unlock them in-game to play with your favorite Streamers!

Our 3D artists are progressively creating new unique buildings to populate the exfiltration cities and make it more immersive and exciting. In this update, Japan, India and UK got some architectural love.

Full Patchnote

----Version 0.20.0 ----

• Story Mode USA with 2 new unlockable agents
• 4 new influencer agents : Morrigh4n, At0mium, Aiekillu and Rambler
• New buildings for Japan, India, and UK
• Contract mechanics rework with new task tracking UI

• Various UI improvements
• Added feedback when an ennemy spying our country has fled
• Automatic success when using agent's trait during exfiltration events
• It now possible to fail a contract
• Added a space in the tech tree to store unassigned/unavailable scientists
• Changed Armed Groups support tier effects
• Added UI to track the progress of the contracts

• Fixed bug where scientists were not revealed when a country is eliminated
• Fixed bug where organisations didn't help in exfiltrations when they should
• Fixed bug where businessman agents could be stuck midflight
• Fixed bug where wrong events could launch from LAZARUS technology