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Changelog for Update (added 24 April 2019):

* Linux version added
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Changelog for Update 0.16.3 (added 14 May 2019):

- Offering your gratitude during diplomatic meetings now decreases the trust gauge as originally intended
- Decreased chances of success when asking for a scientist during diplomatic meetings
- Fixed various gameplay issues when a country is eliminated: war with those countries is now instantly ended, missions from organisations are cancelled, arrest warrants are removed ...
- Russia now has some typically Russian buildings in exfiltration missions
- Different camera filters are now applied in exfiltration mission according to which country it takes place in
- Added various UI improvements and feedbacks
- Improved exfiltration loading time
- Added a visual effect when a branch of the final project is completed, allowing player to see if there are a few missing percents on a slot
- Added an option to speed up dialogues

- Fixed bug where the first captured agent could be killed by an event during the same turn, preventing the player from completing the counterespionage tutorial
- Fixed bug where it was possible to drag the drone on an inactive (and invisible) conflict zone, resulting in unpredictable behaviors
- Fixed bug where drones weren't given back to the player when they should
- Authorization by hierarchy to use drones or not is only checked once a turn, preventing various bugs
- Fixed bug where menus and tooltips weren't properly hidden in some resolutions, leading to a game blocked in the case of menus
- Fixed occasional freeze when using Mentalis technology for yourself
- Fixed bug where the game tries to open a conflict zone when all active countries already have an active conflict zone, creating a wide range of problems down the road, like agents not being able to finish their action
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Changelog for Update 0.17.0 (added 21 June 2019):

- Added GOG Galaxy achievements.

- Opponents now research the final Sigma project as well
- Added a tooltip indicating research progress on the final Sigma project
- Added a Wiki button in title screen
- Added visual feedback on the ‘End Turn’ button
- Added the option to give up
- Added fullscreen toggle option in the settings
- Added possibility to cancel when changing settings
- Added option to toggle the tutorial
- Added ‘Custom’ mode with difficulty presets
- Added loading screen

- Event unlocking Wolf will now only happen once.
- Removed empty recruitment punchline for Wolf
- Missions asking to plant a ransomware on a country now succeed next turn if a ransomware is already there
- Fixed bug where notifications of sigma progress of a country could sometimes be showed twice
- Cancelled actions on a scientist if a scientist is obtained by diplomacy in the meantime
- Fixed bug where tutorial could show up about a prisoner that player already freed in a diplomatic meeting
- Fixed bug where sometimes some dirt on a diplomat couldn't be used
- Fixed bug where businessman agent could glitch out if trying to travel at the same time than an other agent
- Fixed bug where it was possible to start two wars with the same country at once