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After spending days studying Civ IV rules - watching videos, reading guides, taking notes on everything important, I finally decided to buy it on GOG.
The Complete Edition, $20 so wasn't cheap at all for such an old game, but I though it'll last for many many hours so might be worth it after all.

But when I start it up I notice that the map-scrolling speed is VERY SLOW!
Extremely annoying, so I look through all options, but no setting at all for scroll speed!
So I google it, and notice it's only me and like two more guys noticing this, and no solution anywhere.

So I start to look through all the files in the folders, and finally I find "...Civilization IV Complete\Civ4\Assets\Python\
And inside I find iCameraMovementSpeed = CameraMovementSpeeds.CAMERAMOVEMENTSPEED_SLOW
Yeah, no kidding, SLOW!!!

Google then finds me this reference page:
Which shows alternatives for this value.



I try editing in the file with CAMERAMOVEMENTSPEED_NORMAL and CAMERAMOVEMENTSPEED_FAST, and even putting in the numbers 0/2 instead.
I even try and change almost every number I can find in the file just to see if anything has any effect on anything, but nothing!
Actually, you can even DELETE the entirely and game still runs like nothing happened, so maybe I shouldn't have any hopes of editing it to get any sort of effect :/
I also tried to start the base game instead of Beyond the Sword, but no difference there either.

I also tried adding the values in GlobalDefines.xml like this, putting the fast value 2 on them, but no difference there either.


What to do? (Except beg GOG for a refund since I find the game unplayable, but I'm not sure they accept refunds).
Any help would be very appreciated!

Yes, I know you can click/drag in the mini-map, but that's not a very smooth solution, for me at least.
I just want what every other game has, some sort of setting/tweak for scroll speed.

It's not my pc - it's new and fast, CPU/GFX are almost idle playing this at stable 60fps, and I've seen videos on YT with the same slow scrolling speed.

Many thanks if anyone has some idéas :)

EDIT: What's just as bad, is that city names are extremely small and hard to read on a modern monitor with modern resolution. Both these city fonts, and the scrolling, seem impossible to fix I've noticed.
I'm trying to refund this, saving the money (if accepted) for Old World, or a future modern release of Civ IV if that would ever happen!
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I literally don't recall the scrolling speed ever being an issue. I have put 1000s of hours into the game. Unless there's some panning speed or some other factor you speak of?

Also seems like a heck of a molehill to get tripped by given you can just literally click the minimap anywhere. And in vanilla, the biggest maps aren't even that huge.

You can also click to recenter the view or use the arrow keys. And it doesn't even take that long to scroll across a full standard sized map.