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While trying to use the BUG mod, I keep getting the following error messages (see attached pictures) when trying to load up Beyond the Sword. and there about 20 to 20 error messages I have to click through to get to the game.

The in game text is also not shown correctly with is long, unreadable code style sentences. I have researched all over the net trying to find a solution...a few people seem to have the same problem, and they all appear to be from Asia.

Even without the mod, some of the Starter Civilizations in BTS (Korea, China, Celts and a few others) have problems in their descriptions texts with the words TXT_KEY featuring prominently.

Was looking forward to playing during my few upcoming days off work. Would anybody have any ideas on how to fix it?
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Did it work before you installed the BUG mod?

Haven't had this issue so not sure what may cause it, but you can try to download Microsoft's MSXML3.dll file, perhaps the one you have on your OS is outdated. This file is essential for the game, also for us on Linux, so it may cause some issues.

Otherwise you can try to look for similar threads in here:

I searched for "loadxml" and mostly found 10 year old threads, but perhaps there could still be something useful among them.
TL;DR: Changing the date format of my OS to English (World) fixed the issue.

Thank you for the reply. I managed to fix the issue and it was surprisingly simple. From researching the issue, it seemed all the users were using a language with special characters (Chinese, Polish, Korean etc.). I figured it was something to do with my operating system's language, which is in English but has an option for Korean. I thought I would have to delete the Korean option, but it was in fact unnecessary. Just changing the date format to English (World) did the trick (it was previously set to Korean format).