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Is there a forum for Linux specific issues? Where does one find it? It's not listed under general forums and obviously wouldn't be under game specific issues.

I have Civ 4 installed on my Linux system. With a updated Wine it runs fine even without the wrapper thing. but now I'm having difficulties. Before I had manage to install the Bug mod, and I was content with that, now that Bug mod doesn't fully work. Also my saves from previous to my taking a break from the game can't be found either. It might be that updates to Wine messed things up? I also updated my Mint version too.

A info window of Bugs shows up, but not things like the city place guide or the Bug options menu. I tried alot of things trying to get Big to work automatically. And I can't just load Bug from the advanced load mod window, when I try to do that, the game crashes.

There is also this Buffy mod which combines three basic mods I want to install, but the installer doesn't work. Furthermore some people are having trouble with Buffy's installer that are using Windows. It seems Gog uses a goofy registration that does not work well with the installer. Some people had success uploading a registration of a different non-Gog registration. But I am unclear on how to upload a registration under Wine.

Do I need to wrap my existing install? Do I need to uninstall the game and then reinstall it with the wrap?

I'd even like to try fancier mods some day, but please help me at least install these basic ones.

Please help! This is really giving me a headache.
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