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I started and played the game for a short while without a problem and saved my progress and exited, later when I restarted the game the load file called out an error reading when I tried to load it.

Here's how I fixed it.

1) I located the executable and created a shortcut for it: terranx.exe is the executable

2) Right clicked on shortcut then I choose compatibility mode, then Win XP Service pack 3, and run as Administrator

3) Started the game with the shortcut I made and was able to load my save and play.

This is a great game, enjoy. Thank you GOG for selling it.
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More likely the game decided to work because you were wearing a different color shirt, or leaned differently in the chair..... Or because a random person in France stepped on some gum, or an astronaut in the international space station brushed their teeth.

(For explanations why f---ing computers do what they do, the above is as good an explanation as anything)