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Hello Contestants!

The 1.0.2 patch for Showgunners is live!

We are incredibly grateful for your warm support during these last few weeks. The game keeps receiving a lot of love from you, and we want to send our love right back at you.

For this patch, we took our time to dig deeper into the backlog of bugs and feedback you shared with us. We focused on delivering a bigger batch of fixes that address some of the nastier buggos reported by some players.

We sincerely hope this patch can boost your gameplay experience even more and prepare you for some exciting future updates.

Please enjoy the game in its updated shape. As always, we'd love to hear more from you.

Once again, thank you so much for your awesome support. Have fun!

Artificer team

Crucial bug fixes
Fixed the freezing season wrap-up Gala cutscene after prolonged gameplay
Fixed game sometimes getting partially unresponsive after Tybalt's Body Swap ability
Fixed player being unable to proceed through the first fan due to saving game before the interaction
Additional sequence fixes to Horror Hospital for issues that could block progress or cause crash
Fixed the crash after killing last enemy unit with an Overwatch shot
Fixed blocking by Scarlett standing on top of the Rejuvenation Chamber bed after a save/load
Fixed getting stuck behind the shop station near the ferris wheel in the Amber Harbor episode
Fixed the bug with auto-skipping cinematics and cutscenes due to skipping previous cutscenes
Other bug fixes:
Scarlett's Assault ability now deals damage to generators and similar object in a visible manner
Fixed the container and acid disappearing in one of Amber Harbor puzzles after save/load
Added the missing autosaves in the Resting Area after using the Rejuvenation Chamber
Removed the risk of player character dying at the end of one of Disaster Area puzzles do to following the active character through traps
Fixed the wrong sequence of enemy reinforcements preventing player from reacting in some levels
Fixed the risk of Scarlett getting stuck on stairs near the first lootbox in the Industrial Zone
Removed Ronin from the enemy list of one of optional arenas in Industrial Zone
Bridge triggered by destroying drones in the Old Quarter no longer pushes Scarlett away
Added the missing note about weapon being exclusive for Scarlett to the Letal fame reward description
Additional fixes to resolution issues when UI scale > 100% in Windows
Removed the possibility to get outside the level near the second fan in Industrial Zone
Improved the wording of side objectives in Horror Hospital
Small contextual fixes to translations in German localization
Tweaked the Marty's melee attack animation so that it connects properly with the target