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Hi i am a gog customer and i really want to buy shovel knight from gog as i think its better to buy from here than steam but steam gets the dlc's.
Will gog ever get the shovel knight update and the plague knight dlc when it comes out.because if it does come to gog then i will buy both shovel knight and the dlc
Can a mod or someone that runs this site please let me know as i want to buy them.
I second that. Can we please get any official info from GOG? If I had known that I wouldn't get the dlc I would have bought it on Steam.

... unless I'm a moron and free DLC hasn't happened yet. Which might be the case. Comments appreciated ;)


Yup, I'm an impatient idiot. The DLC hasn't been released yet. Sorry about my raging like a 3-year old child.
Post edited May 01, 2015 by Tsch