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I noticed that Shovel Knight has been updated to version 4.1.

The changelog on the GOG library page for Shovel Knight only covers up to Patch Version 3.3 (05 October 2017)

What has changed in this new version?
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-New! 1:1 Pixel Scaling mode is now available on certain platforms. It can be found within Options > Screen Scale.

-[Steam] Change: Steam Sync option has returned to the Feats menu.

-[Switch, Wii U, 3DS] Change: If wearing an amiibo costume when speaking with Madame Meeber the dialogue prompt to change back to the default costume now begins on the “No” prompt choice.

-[3DS] Fix: Under certain circumstances, progress would not save to cartridge versions of the game after having updated to version 4.0A.

-Change: Japanese graphical change cheat KUWA-GATA and Japanese text change cheat IKA-TAKO will now allow you to continue earning Feats.

-[Switch/Wii U/3DS] Fix: Hoppicles responding to fairy minion attacks by turning around.

-[Wii U/3DS] Fix: amiibo Costume icons not appearing on second screen Gear menu.

-Cheat compatibility improvements.

-Localization improvements.

Shovel of Hope

-Fix: Booming Horn while in upward moving wind would cause unintentional movement.

-Fix: Co-op: Player A dying when blocking Player B on a ladder would cause Player B to be unable to climb in that direction until Player A returned.

-[Sony/PS4/Xbox/PC] Fix: Cameo songs from other games would not be indicated as played within Bard’s Song Menu.

-[Switch/3DS/Wii U] Fix: Crash would occur when using the Shadow Mirror to Shovel Drop onto a platter.

Plague of Shadows

-Fix: Mail Minion stats for bursts and bomb throws would increment during certain cinematic scenes.

-Fix: Quickly skipping Troupple King introduction scene after watching his dance for the first time would cause Troupple King to incessantly flap his fins.

-[Switch/Wii U/3DS] Pandemonium Cloak icon would display incorrectly in inventory menu when used with Boomtech costume.

-Fix: Magicist Intro dialogue still plays after switching amiibo armor

Specter of Torment

-Fix: Dread Talon was unintentionally dealing more damage to bosses as of version 4.0 onward.

-Fix: Throwing Sickle would not travel a shorter distance when thrown while Chronos Coin was active.

-Fix: Final Red Skull turn-in scene would behave unintentionally when using certain cheats.

-Fix: Crash could occur if Hoppicles was pushed onto Big Bohto

King of Cards

-New! Added Joustus Free Play mode! Go to King Knight’s room and speak with the mirror to begin.

-New! Added dialogue line after defeating Blazorb in Cavern of Joustus to help players know there is a larger mystery afoot!

-New! In New Game+, gold multiplier info has been added to the level map menu.

-Change: An exit sign post has been added to the single screen treasure area in world 2.

-Change: When stealing back a previously lost, non-infinite, non-unique card after a Joustus victory, an entry for that card will always be removed from Chester’s Reclaim list. Previously, if the opponent had a copy of that card in their deck, then stealing the copy would cause your stolen card to remain within the store.

-Change: Blazorb is no longer required for 100% Joustus opponent victory.

-Fix: King Knight not responding to spikes if he was bashing while wind was pushing downward.

-Fix: Replaying Joustus tutorial would unintentionally count as defeating a unique card opponent, incrementing the card battle total on the Profile Select screen.

-Fix: Playing the Joustus tutorial no longer has an effect on Joustus stats.

-Fix: Could avoid damage from Crowndalier by bashing it while it is falling directly overhead.

-Fix: Mr. Hat could be pushed out of the arena if damaged during certain attack states.

-Fix: Treasure Knight would sometimes aim away from center screen when performing Anchor Shot Zip Slam near edge of the arena, which could result in becoming stuck.

-Fix: Final boss first phase could be cleared with certain timing which resulted in the second phase starting with the player player taking damage immediately.

-Fix: Final boss second phase would sometimes begin with an unintentional downward laser shot into the void.

-Fix: Beginning a roll from bash will reset the attack hold timer, even if the Attack action is bound to two seperate buttons.

-Fix: Turncoat effect not following King Knight correctly during screen transition.

-Fix: Turncoat roll could send the player through a collision ceiling when jumping.

-Fix: Turncoat roll could travel higher than intended when activated during jump rise.

-Fix: Turncoat and Healing Hammer would buffer and execute twice when used just before touching a spring.

-Fix: Using Bubble Frog and making contact with lava wall would cause King Knight to recover as if he was wearing the Rodent Regalia. Recovery now resembles a normal get hit.

-Fix: Using Searing Saber and landing on a spring, then Gyro Boots just before bouncing on a spring could result in unintentional visual effects.

-Fix: Gyro Boots ending in the air could result in the player not being able to visually turn around until beginning another state.

-Fix: Bladescale could sometimes miss catching his thrown sword.

-Fix: Rodent Regalia collision issues

-[3DS] Fix: Bash spin on wall more consistent

-Fix: Airship Joustus battles without a chair could become stuck if triggered too quickly.

-Fix: Issues when obtaining repeated wisps in World 4’s Joustus House

-Fix: Issues with dialogue getting stuck when challenging World 3’s Joustus House champion

-Fix: Bash count stat would increment during certain cinematic scenes.

-[3DS/WiiU] Fix: Decrees would display a gold cost to activate on the second screen when playing in New Game+.

-Fix: Can no longer miss 1 turn to win card rewards

-Fix: Using the Joustus Cheat Card “Play-Em-All” on the turn before Black Knight activates Meteor Attack would cause the meteor attack to never occur.

-Fix: Wealth Whirl vortex could behave oddly in rare cases in stages which have warp walls.

-Fix: Money Bags would appear incorrectly when traveling through a warp wall.

-Fix: Landing and running off the W2’s bonus platform using cheats could cause non-progression.

-Fix: Always Ice Cheat would cause a non-progression with first Specter Knight battle.

-Fix: King Knight’s next jump would become unintentionally floaty after rolling once with Turncoat.

-Fix: King Knight endless spin bounce cheat could cause cinematics not to progress under certain circumstances.

-Fix: New Game+ Heirlooms would have no cost when battling with Propeller Knight.

-Fix: Teethalon Rope now doesn’t appear when visiting the area again.

-Fix: Joustus Deck Counts fixed for cards that had their side reversed

-Fix: Multiple issues addressed for staying in airship invasion scene.


-New! Added a special command to access gauntlet target mode! Once all characters are unlocked, begin a target battle while holding “Left Parry and Special” when the VS screen disappears (image). You will know the cheat was successful when you see CHARACTER on the HUD in place of HIGH SCORE.

-Change: When Theme Shuffle is on, Target Mode has the possibility of playing a wider variety of music.

-[Standalone] Fix: Controller could become unresponsive when viewing Sound Test Unlocked message prompt.

-Fix: Able to fall between lava and goo during its transition between lava and goo.

-Fix: Targets combo meter could remain stuck at 1.0 for the entire round on first play.

-Fix: Troupple Par-tay Rap track would not loop.

-Fix: Fairy Glade song title would not display when starting a fairy battle in Chester’s Choice or Story mode.

-Fix: Fairy AI: Framerate/lockup issues when trying to dash in Grinding Glaciers stage

-Specter Knight: Fix for unintentional height gain when trying to throw a second sickle after wall jumping into collision.

-Specter Knight: Wall climb back flip and scythe slash have a heavier fall, to better scale with the increased climb height in Showdown.

-King Knight: Fixed unintentional velocity when using Rat Dismiss right after hitting a wall with Bash.

-Black Knight: Fixed unintentional movement when canceling goo target shovel bounce into Dark Wave.

-Mole Knight: Now breaks dirt blocks below when exiting from a submerged digpile.

-Propeller Knight: Now limited to 3 uses of headwind in the air.

-Propeller Knight: Holding down Attack button while releasing Special would unintentionally cause Headwind state to continue.

-The Enchantress: Fixed issue where Enchantress could pass through the Airship in armor outpost with Dark Strafe.

-The Enchantress: Being far above the HUD causes horizontal/upward Dark Strafes to fizzle out, and results in lesser kickback when shooting Magic Shot downward.

-The Enchantress: Minor animation jitter fixes when using flight and Magic Shot on the ground.

-The Enchantress: Fix: unable to pick up gems/items during flight.
Dark Reize: Fix: Fairy dash attack behaving incorrectly through screen wraps.

-Reize: Boomerang Throw downward will no longer be destroyed when thrown from above the screen top

-Dark Reize: Aerial Dark Boomerang Throw will no longer be destroyed when thrown from above the screen top.

-Liquid Samurai: Arrow shots can now break dirt blocks.

-Liquid Samurai: Now limited to 3 uses of Claw Spin before needing to touch the ground.

-Liquid Samurai: Increased time before Claw Spin can cancel into Blob Form. When canceling Claw Spin to Blob Form, slightly less height is gained than usual.

-Liquid Samurai: Fixed facing away from a wall, beginning claw spin, then coming into contact with wall would cause you to bounce towards the wall.

-Liquid Samurai: Fixed error which allowed Liquid Samurai to zip-to-ceiling endlessly when exiting ceiling with Claw Spin.

-Liquid Samurai: Fixed arrow shot not ending in the air if pushed off ledge during sword weapon transformation.