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On Steam (*not* on sale!), Treasure Trove is R$ 75,49 while R$147.79 here on GOG. Almost 2x the price here.

To put this in perspective, it's almost as expensive as Cyberpunk 2077 (R$199.90 on GOG)

I think there is some kind of pricing snafu.
I was wondering about the same thing. The Brazilian price was also high on Steam for a short time.

Someone in the Shovel Knight Steam forums posted something about it in December. The price got fixed later.

I have no idea why the price hasn't been fixed for GOG users.
Post edited January 30, 2020 by LinkInTheBox
Is there any way to contact them to see if the price can be fixed here as well? That's really weird.
Hey, guys!

I contacted the GOG support team and they found a way to fix it. The price now is correct! :D
Thank you italo2500!