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I have recently gotten Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove. I am a Linux user, and I was glad that the game had a native Linux port. However, when I attempted to play it I began having issues with sound. The best way that I can describe it is it sounded like earrape. I use Manjaro daily, but I attempted to play it on other distros, and I continued to have the issues. I have had problems with other games I have gotten, such as Terraria and Dead Cells, but there was a solution on the forums for those; this is the only one giving me trouble now. Does anyone have any ideas to fix this?

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Even worse for me, it just crashes on startup, presumably with some sound issue.
selected driver: 0
malloc_consolidate(): unaligned fastbin chunk detected

As far as I can tell it is some sort of issue with the ancient SDL2 version that the game ships, but it also does not work with the current version. Great.
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