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Just noticed that somebody has managed to TAS this game (Linux version, in case you're wondering)

(Of course, the YouTube link below is to the TAS, so if you're spoiler sensitive, you might not want to watch it (though, it being a TAS, I expect all skippable cutscenes (except maybe the ending) to be skipped on the first possible frame).)
Tool Assisted Speedrun?

I thought you meant The Animated Series, which really should be a thing.
Nice heads up ... but of cause there are plenty of videos about Shovel Knight series
consisting of four campaigns and the fighting game:
X Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove - 26.06.2014-10.12.2019 - SiPl/locCoop/locPvP
  -> total package containing all 5 parts:
o Shovel Knight 1: Shovel of Hope - 26.06.2014{Steam}|10.12.2019{GOG} - locCoop
  -> 1st campaign controlling Shovel Knight (hero journey) digging through
     the adventure ...
o Shovel Knight 2: Plague of Shadows - not sold separately - only with X above!
  -> 2nd campaign becoming the maniacal alchemist Plague Knight (romance)
     in his adventure to brew the ultimate potion ...
o Shovel Knight 3: Specter of Torment - 05.04.2017 - SiPl
  -> 3rd campaign to take control of Specter Knight (drama) to dash through
     levels in a prequel to 1st compaign {Shovel of Hope}
o Shovel Knight 4: King of Cards - 10.12.2019 - SiPl
  -> 4th and biggest campaign about the start of this royal saga and take
     control of King Knight (comedy) in this prequel in the quest to become
     King of Cards
o Shovel Knight 5: Showdown - 10.12.2019 - locCoop/locPvP
  -> 5th part being the fighting game to duel with up to 4 players locally
     as one of all the key heroes and villains from Shovel Knight,
     cooperative team battles against AI opponents or each other

To give some other examples - completing speedruns of the 4 compaigns and some more:
  [TAS] Linux Shovel Knight 1 "Shovel of Hope" by keylie in 39:37.68 (1st posting above)
  [TAS] Linux Shovel Knight 2 "Plague of Shadows" by keylie in 35:23.97
  [TAS] Shovel Knight 3 "Specter of Torment" any% in 35:04.23 (33:54.85 RTA)
  Shovel Knight 4 "King of Cards" [31:20]
  Shovel Knight Showdown Character Highlights (All Characters)
  Easter Eggs in Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove - DPadGamer
  Shovel Knight Developer Explains the Games & Knights
  Shovel Knight Developers React to 42 Minute Speedrun