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Hi fellas,

since yesterday I play that really great game!
For me it is the Game Of The Year for PC ;)

BUT it slows down from time to time. Sometimes it freeze totally for a few seconds but mostly everything moves like in a big slow motion.

Most of the time, the game runs smooth.

Are there any suggetions or fixes for my problems?

Thanks, for your help :-)
This question / problem has been solved by triockimage
Try turning off Vsync or run the game in windowed mode, also make sure your monitor refresh rate is at 60Hz.

You can also try to install/reinstall this -
Thanks a lot :-)

It runs in windowed mode and monitor refresh rate is at 60 Hz.

Vsync is also disabled.

I´ll have a look at your MS Link ;)
It seems that the directX Update had solved the problem.

Thanks a lot :)