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Is this version only having the original game? Because i really love the original game and i want it without any of the dlc content for archival purposes
Yes, it is just the original game without any of the major DLCs.

However, it does feature a few minor additions, including:
* Body Swap, which lets you change the appearance and pronouns of certain characters.
* Co-op mode, which lets you play with another person on the same computer (no network play).
* An extra cameo stage depending on the version you get. For all PC, Mac, and Linux versions (including the GOG version), you get the Battletoads stage.

(Note that, while co-op mode is included, the competitive Showdown game is not.)
does it show anything about the dlc's in it ? like 'buy dlc here now' buttons or locked features?

//EDIT Nevermind I got my answear at purchase.
Post edited June 01, 2020 by Fr33styler