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Hi everyone,

We have just updated our Windows, Mac, and Linux installers bringing Shovel Kight up to version 1.2.3, changelog here:

Version 1.2.3:

•New: Relic Quick Select! Enable this within the controller options menu to allow quickly cycling through relics without needing to open the menu. Press both relic cycle buttons at the same time to unequip your current relic. Relics can also be switched to instantly with the number keys!
•New: Full Screen Effects Toggle. Shovel Knight occasionally makes use of effects which causes a large portion of the screen to change colors to add emphasis to certain events. This setting disables these effects or makes them less intense.
•New: Item Totals Menu! Once you have cleared the final stage (or in Game+) you can display your song scroll collection tally for a particular stage with the “Select” button. This holiday, how about getting your favorite local Bard what he’s always wanted?!

•Adjustment: Any map encounter past Reize will not spawn until either Reize is defeated or 1 hour of game time has elapsed. Speedy knights no longer need to roll the dice on map encounter movements so late in a run.
•Adjustment: Missile leading up to Treasure Knight’s front door has been slowed down slightly.
•Adjustment: Specter Knight’s opening scythe toss is a bit more predictable.
•Adjustment: Relic button’s default controller binding moved to the upper-most face button of controller instead of right shoulder button.

•Fix: Grammatical errors in text for: French, Italian, and German. Thanks everyone, who contacted us with corrections, keep ‘em coming!
•Fix: Error which caused the in-game clock to not count up while at the Troupple Pond or campfire. Note: This fix makes the “Hurry Up!” achievement slightly harder!
•Fix: “Left Stick/L3” and “Right Stick/R3” not displaying in menus when using a Sony or Microsoft controller.
•Fix: Right direction button displaying a left dpad icon within the controller binding menus when using a Sony or Microsoft controller.

•Windows: Performance improvements
•Mac/Linux: Fix: Render crash on startup when using slightly older software based OpenGL version.
•Added Shane Calimlim to the credits. He’s been here for a while — but welcome aboard just the same! Without his ongoing engine improvements, debugging support, and drastic overhauls to our build system then these kinds of patches wouldn’t be happening! Hurray for continuous integration!

Thanks and have a good one!
Oh, I only just got the game! Well, better early than late! Even better: hadn't beat Specter Knight yet!
Edit: Now I beat him!
Post edited December 19, 2014 by thiagovscoelho
No performance increase here on Windows. It still runs slow even with the full screen effects turned off. It also now throws an sdl error saying the gamepad will not work.
Thank you.