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Hello, after the game updated today and I bought the DLC, the in-game music stopped working. Sound effects work, just music is not playing... I have also lost my previous save, game saying the savefile was corrupted but that wouldn't be that bad... it is a rogue-like after all....
Can anyone point me in the direction how to solve this problem / how to contact STTE support? The in-game music adds a lot, when it'S silent, it ruins the experience...

Thank you in advance.

br, Jarda
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I don't have the DLC but the my game also has no music.
i have no music aswell. Also other sounds like when the ship moves and been near planets or stations or getting into fights are super loud and the ingame sound options are not working. The sliders dont seem to do anything anymore. Also cant remove crew from my ship to stations aswell.
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My problems have been fixed gog version just updated to 1.1.6 thank you devs.
issue has been fixed by today's patch.
Thank you, guys.