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Finished the game in the first attempt, in the first ship they give you the Nuke Runner, and without too much difficulty. (see attached screenshot)

Is the game too easy?
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Right now it is, I believe because you can abuse some of the way things work. For an example, I can see that you have 0 storage but you have shit ton of stuff. You hoard all this material and replace the storage right before a battle (or during) to gain more fire power. That shouldn't be a thing, but it is a thing and it's broken and makes you OP. Another thing is that you can remove modules while they are under fire to prevent them from being blown up.

So yes, the game is very easy as long as they don't update these things I mentioned
Well, I just want to say I am really having fun anyway. It's a great game.

I actually like the mechanic of swapping out modules and it does take time before they come online. Part of the other stuff they have already patched, like making it harder to get exotics and making the economy more challenging.

Maybe they could just make the fights harder?

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Yeah, game isn't really hard. But them updating the game and balancing things out with every update.

Before, the modules would install in an instant, since couple of updates, now it takes some time.

Game is a blast. I already have over 75 hours in it. I tried playing many different ways. My next run is going to be solo with my cat by my side, and couple of bots.
I have no idea why everyone is saying the game is so easy, similar to FTL, the game is cruel and unforgiving. If anyone is reading this, this game is HARD. very very difficult. I feel like other people are playing a completely different game than I am. Just my honest opinion.
Yeah, I guess they just have a different standard than we do. I also find the game very, very difficult.
AegerHant: Yeah, I guess they just have a different standard than we do. I also find the game very, very difficult.
would be nice to get a difficulty mode that isn't "hard" or "even harder" Lol. I wrote a review on the game page, I tried to give honest solutions that I believe would make the game more enjoyable or "survivable". Maybe you will find it interesting, or maybe you will find it funny. Lol