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Changelog for Patch 1.0.7 (added 22 August 2019):

Hello again fellow space survivors!

Thank you for all the positive reviews and post-launch feedback. We are also grateful for the supportive negative feedback, we will strive to fix, improve and expand everything in the universe.

Today's hotfix will repair a number of issues that were discovered & reported at launch by you guys.

- Everybody who saved and did not encounter level 9 bossfight (or escaped from level 9 bossfight) will be automatically helped forward to level 10 after the hotfix goes live
- Improved performance with code optimization
- Numerous typos fixed
- Abusing module slot upgrades and downgrades on enemy ships is not possible anymore (player module slots can be still exploited in certain cases, fixing that is scheduled for the future)
- Level 10 Neutralite fleets now always have ammo for weapons
- Sector end now always unlocks ships (perks have a chance that the player gets fate points instead)
- Players who didn't unlock ships when they should have will unlock them on the start of their next game (and get the achievement too)

- Fixed mining lasers scrap value
- Many modules, crew, ambushers and events have been rebalanced
- Multiple instances of the same module now each have different prices

- Added preliminary hover to both radar range elements explaining where the actual range comes from
- Removed a non-funny starmap logline

There's a number of issues that we are still tackling. We are working as fast as we can to release new, updated versions as early as possible. Keep surviving!
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Changelog for Patch 1.0.10 (added 23 August 2019):

Hello fellow space survivors!

Today's hotfix repairs a number of issues stated below. We remain dedicated to fixing and improving everything in the Shortest Trip to Earth universe.

Thank you for your support and we wish you all a lovely weekend!

- Victory panel lines now animate faster (each line animation time is set between 1 and 6 seconds)
- Crew/power presets now save crew role for each crew member too
- Laser beams are now part of save game (better mid-beam game save/load, especially noticable with Lv10 boss). Rewrote how weapons check if their shot is in progress or not (caused weapons-not-shooting issue after game load)
- Repaired 1 malfunctioning perk
- Various updates to perks and ships
- Damage to laser weapons now cancel the beam (but won't make it forget its target). Weapon overload won't make it forget its target anymore.
- Melee hand weapons are now part of save game too
- More performance optimizations (mostly in warnings and ship health code)
- Explosives and synthetics containers graphical update
- A few miscellaneous text lines have been edited
- After 1.0.9, we made another build (1.0.10) and pushed it live, in order to solve these 2 very problematic issues:
- Auto-aim didn't work at all any more
- Nukes flew way too slowly when in slow-mo mode

Standalone installer updated ( 1.0.7 ⇒ 1.0.10): 26 August 2019.
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Patch 1.0.12 (05 September 2019)

Hello and merry existence again, fellow space survivors!

Today’s hotfix will bring you numerous quality-of-life updates. Most importantly: significant updates to UI, such as being able to select all wounded crew or drones.

Additionally, DIY tech that can be crafted has been organized into neat categories, and many glitches fixed and optimizations implemented. As a cherry on top of cake, the Gardenship and Bluestar now have the possibility to craft themselves a second nuke slot.

Various misc & quality of life updates

- DIY modules are now organized into neat categories
- New options: "Select wounded crew/pets" and "select broken drones"
- Crew/power preset save button now requires confirmation, it cancels if not used in 5 seconds
- Local warp gates now show in starmap where they take the player
- Asteroid hit on starmap won't cause ship to stop any more
- Crew that operated labs and gardens will attempt to resume working in them after battle
- Added shield point generation speed to Player stats panel
- Crew assignments panel can be now minimized
- UI buttons that select crew now show more clearly where the selected crew is
- Speech bubble "cannot operate" added to crew status visualizer
- Some sounds tuning on crew selection
- Crew now always tries to go to the nearest module operating spot (should prevent bridge operators changing seats on bridge after loading crew preset)
- Weapon and point def loading bar is now coloured yellow while reloading
- Added some cool streamer names to human name pool: Nookrium, MetalCanyon, Enter_Elysium, Tortuga Power & Mousegunner.
- Renamed crew "assignments" to "roles" Rebalances
- Added 1 upgradeable "undeveloped" nuke slot to Bluestar and Gardenship
- Crafting a module now has a delay just like module move/install has
- Enemy weapons with accuracy below 16 will now usually target player ship hull centred (after a few shots)
- Level 10 boss fight key target is now harder to hit
- Made Spideraa ships stronger, made 1 Spideraa laser stronger
- Made a Spideraa container better
- Starting from second or third sector won't give crew level-up point any more.
- Rebalanced slot upgrade costs
- Rebalanced bridges. Bridges can now have a maximum of 3 crew.
- Rebalanced ship starting stats, engine evasion bonuses, exotic toy perk
- All bridges can now be operated by a maximum of 3 crew
- Rebalanced sniper guns, now slightly more accurate
- Rebalanced 3 ship augmentation perks
- Many enemy ships rebalanced slightly stronger, added to human crew lists
- Nuke launcher health and nuke projectile health are now always the same. Increased reactor importance and lowered weapon importance for enemy ship AI Fixes
- Level 10 boss won't drop its planetkiller weapon any more
- Fixed "lovers met" count shown in game end stats
- Fixed Endurance infinite nuke glitch
- "Allow ship HP repair" is now saved and won't reset after loading game
- Tutorial exit warp gate name is now visible on starmap
- Added a fix that completes level 5 when the save game is stuck after winning the boss fight
- Boss ships are now always positioned opposite of player ship
- Fixed module outline rotation issue
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Patch 5: "Extra Achievements Update"

Hello once again, fellow space travelers!

This patch gives you +9 new achievements, modifies existing achievements slightly plus fixes some more issues and glitches. Read the full changelog below and have a merry weekend!

New content

*Added 9 new achievements. Updated a few existing achievements.
*Added "Cohh" and "Carnage" to human crew name pools.


*Removed some core slots from the Endurance ship
*Made spideraa fleets stronger
*Changed Tigerfish starting crew slightly
*Rebalanced 2 nukes


*Updated "module crafts available warning" hover text
*The game now counts retirings as deaths for death count achievements (on perk screen start button press)
*Stop fire button fixed
*Ship module maxHealth is now saved together with health (fixes minor issues when loading a game that has module prefabs with updated maxHealth)
*Minimized windows have red expand buttons now
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Patch 1.0.14 (13 September 2019)

Hello and merry existence again, fellow space rogues!

Todays update will provide all-round gamewide optimizations to many parts of the game, and most importantly rebalances many enemies (making them stronger), including bosses and hostile SOS fleets.

Read the full changelog below for specifics:

New stuff

- New (optional) enemy added to sector 7
- Added Bluestar victory achievement
- Added "current weapons DPM" to Ship stats panel
- Removed walls from Atlas warp drive slot
- Only one ship can now be unlocked per run
- Module actions (move, scrap, store) now disabled when it would destroy the ship due to reduced ship max hp bonus
- Module slots upgrade/downgrade button is now disabled if the action would destroy the ship
- If there are unused skill points on level start then comtip will ask if it should auto level up crew
- Load crew/power profile buttons are now keybindable

Difficulty affecting Rebalances

- Gave all Spideraa ships more crew
- Sensor module "Sector Radar Range" won't be boosted by crew skills any more
- Updated sector 3 boss (now more dangerous)
- Gave nukes to sector 4 and 5 boss ships
- Made some SOS enemies stronger
- Rebalanced pirate and rat ships
- Added 2 empty nuke slots to sector 4 boss insectoid ship.
- Added 2 nuke slots to sector 5 boss ship.
- Added 2 nuke slots to Squid bounty hunter ship
- Gave more ammo to 2 smuggler cargo ships
- Rebalance bigger squid ships (now stronger)

Visual & Misc updates

- Weapons in quick select panel now show READY text
- UI improvements
- Module jammed status visualizer icons added
- Hovering ship health now shows exterior view if done in internal view
- Warp module being jammed now uses new effect (it used to use overload effect)
- Crew skill level up effect
- Added more player choosable UI scales
- Added "Duncan" to crew name pool
- Added comtip about minimize button for small screens (height <=900)
- Damage tokens are now unmarked when leaving a repair shop
- All shrinkable windows are now expanded by default


- Fixed a freetravellers event
- Fixed some typos in module descriptions
- Fixed crew skill numbers when an item in crew roles panel is hovered
- Fixed module slot placement error on lev 10 boss
- Fixed 1 perk for endurance, rebalanced some perks
- Lovers type cryodream recorder navmesh tuning
- Space pods with player crew will never self destruct any more
- Fixed an issue that UI scale by default set itself to 0.01 in certain conditions.
- 1.75x UI scale now uses 1.5 scale cursors
- Sector 10 exit is now spawned in the middle of the map
- Fixed sector 10 warpship captain portrait
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Patch 1.1.16 (16 January 2020)

We are truly excited to unveil this latest batch of hard work. From new difficulty options to upgrading cargo space & saving crew into quick selection UI; this update contains a lot of new features, while also making your life easier and rebalancing many things.

Please read the changelog below for a full overview.

New content & features

- Added one new game mode (Beginner mode) and updated existing modes
- New feature: Ship module storage can be now upgraded for greater capacity
(the storage module is now visible in UI only)
- New feature: "warp to system" button in the star map view (in star systems that you can warp to)
- New feature: It's now possible to save crew members to empty slots in the quick selection bar
- New feature: It's now possible to change the order of the guns in the quick selection bar
- New feature (turned off in the beginner mode) "Permanent module damage": a critical hit (~20% of all hits) may reduce max hitpoints of module permanently by 50% (read the in-game help page about permanent module damage for full info)
- Improved feature: crew will load their combat weapons even during movement or mid-magazine (previously, reloading was possible only while standing and after emptying gun magazine)
- Improved feature: crew role button now opens when hovering over it
- Improved feature: selecting a module in loot panel or storage now activates Install/Move command, making placement markers visible
- Created new memorial service popup for pets

Balance and related

- Multiple starting ships can be now unlocked during a single run
- Completing a level may now unlock both a ship and a perk
- The Tigerfish starting module set and stats have been improved. It's now a better ship
- Made most of the shield batteries better
- Reduced amount of intruders for some enemy ships
- Updated level 9 ships
- Added 2 nuke slots to a small Slaver ship
- Rebalanced the toughest enemy fleet in sector 1 (made it less dangerous)
- Swapped firefight and repair priorities for repair officers (should fix one navigation overload issue and repairing burning modules issue)
- Sector 2 boss won't allow player escape any more.
- Besides Cryosleep and Sensor modules, enemy ship crew now also ignores working in Garden and Lab modules during battles
- Smugglers now offer much more favourable deals
- All non-biotech reactors now also give explosives as scrap
- View sector button in sector map is now visible even if warping is not possible.
- Rebalanced stats of numerous enemy crew

Updated info & visuals

- Updated Tigerfish description
- Updated ship health points hover text, it now shows remaining ship max hp and also combined permanent damage
- Enemy projectiles now have hover text describing how to prioritize those projectiles for point-defences
- SOS button is now animated when the player has no fuel
- Module hover box is now moved when over right or bottom screen edge
- Sectors text: "Sector info" changed. Minor changes here and there
- Updated projectile names
- Updated tutorial texts
- Artifacts have type icons now
- Enemy warp drives are now more closely monitored and "enemy warping" comtip is closed when enemy warping is prevented
- Added help page for permanent module damage
- Menu now shows what game mode is currently on Item hover in info panel now has sorting
- Crew level up icon now blinking in UI
- Most of the item hovers in PlayerPanel are now sorted by +- values
- Updated sector summary "perks found" hover text
- Changed organics pack avatar colour to green
- Moved craftable container modules from Essential to Cargo group

Fixes and Misc improvements

- Major fix: idle enemy crew won't leave the ship any more on battle start
- Idle enemy crew accidentally outside their ship will now try return to their ship
- Fire officers now only see a fire in the same ship the crew is in. Intruders now only pick targets that are player crew and also in a player ship
- Fixed DIY bridge scrap cost
- Fixed 1 gas giant text
- Aiming a beam at an enemy ship without a shield doesn't highlight shield points bar under the ship any more
- Enemy warp drives are now more closely monitored and "enemy warping" comtip is closed when enemy warping is prevented
- FirstGameLoad scene now shows "Loading..."
- 6x cryosleep attempted nav-mesh fixes
- Game loading is now faster and UI stays responsive (asset bundle loading is now asynchronous)
- Ship modules can now be placed and replaced with right-click into storage panel UI
- Removed one name from human name pool, reduced level4 boss beam weapon accuracy by 1
- Fixed a bug that caused all game modes to apply beginner starting resources
- Storage UI element animation tuning
- Fixed one com channel picture in the tutorial
- Fixed sound issues when multi selecting crew so that multiple quick selection slots get selected too
- Fixed an issue where drag selecting a crew while it dies caused a drag selection box to not to disappear.
- Fight fire command is now a priority over the repair and operate command when hovering a "burning module"
- Fixed an issue that tutorial sometimes got beginner mode starting bonuses (when the previous game was in beginner mode)
- Repairs stopped comtip is now triggered more reliably when repairing stops