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Hi Everyone,

I have been trying to compile the multiplayer servers that are out there. Unfortunately you need to know the IP address of the server to add it to your game's list of servers. There is no matchmaking service. I think this prevents a lot of people from playing multiplayer. I strongly suggest you try the multiplayer if you haven't. It is faster paced than the single player because you should always be running, and the tractor beam changes what movement is possible. You can also have 32 players in one map. Most mods are also focused on multiplayer, such as Squishies where you can fight between on foot and mechs, or Capture the Monolith which has class based mechs.

I have found the following:
Which has 3 servers, including the always lovable MADSKILLZ map
Here are the current addresses as of June 2021
All **MAD** (All The Time)
GoatCheese 2020
All Maps 2020

Then there is the Gravel Pit, which also has a discord.
Here is the current address:
And here is the Discord invite:

You can chat with me on the discord, I am DW_Xanthian, let me know if you want to play. I played a lot in 2001 - 2003.

Please reply to my post with any other servers you find out there. I'd like to share them so we can find each other for multiplayer games.