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Quote from the readme:


Release Package by W.L.Branyon
Lithtech is property of Touchdown Entertaiment.


My original reason for putting together all the pre lithtech 2.0 editing apps (Kiss Pycho Circus, Blood2, and shogoMAD respectively) was due to the problem of Blood2 and Shogo tools using 16 bit installers for setup. The programs themselves are 32 bit, it’s just a matter of getting passed those installers, that’s the only issue. The first upload of LithT00Ls had the folders already installed into the 7zip file, bypassing the EULA. Needless to say I had to take the original down because of it.
Oh, btw, this document does not concern itself with the level editing programs (DEdit). Those are so poorly documented and hard to use I won’t be writing about them here, so you’ll have to go elsewhere for help with those.
Why am I posting tools for the early lithtech games, which were so notoriously hard to modify? Some of the sites where Lithtech tools were uploaded are being archived, coupled with the fact that I’m terribly bored and in need of something new for Blood2 , have led me to this. I hope to hell someone finds this distribution useful.


If you can format a partition of your hard drive or even a flash drive using FAT32, you can run the installers from there, otherwise you’ll have to use DosBox to install. KPCtools doesn’t need a setup. If you’re planning to work with Blood2 or ShogoMAD models though, you’ll need all three. Read the special note about saving ABC models below to see why.


ModelEdit for Lithtech Isn’t a full featured modeling program. You cannot articulate models by changing the angles of joints and such, you cannot create genuinely new animations or re- texture. You can alter existing animations however, and if you’re creative, you might be surprised at what can be done. There is a special rez I’m uploading just to show off some of the changes that are possible.


The good news is there is no EULA for The kpctools, the package is distributed as a zip. The bad news is that kpctools was released as an alpha, so the apps are a little buggy even by lithtech 1.0 standards. Still, kpc has the only ModelEdit program that allows you to shrink or expand models or change the bounding box of an ABC. model. That makes the package a little too useful to pass up. Unfortunately, the ABC model format is a little different for Kiss, so if you’re editing for b2 or shogo, especially those that have animated frames, then there’s a few extra steps you have to take to save your changes.

Download LITHT00Lz.7z from