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So I think if you are reading this you have probably tried a few different guides, but always end up with the crashing black box?
It's a common problem with Lithtech games, and nearly all of them require a different solution, some solutions work for a couple but not all, then other solutions work for certain PCs but not for all.

This is the solution I used to get the game running in 1440p 60fps (over 60 causes engine problems) on my modern Windows 10 pc:

1. Go to this comment ( ) and download the dinput.dll and put it in the main directory. This will allow the game to launch and stop the black box crash issue. It also fixes some major mouse issues.

2. Download and run this exe ( )
your browser might flag it as unsafe but i had no issues running it with defender, it's a false positive anyway the file is safe. This will give you a widescreen patch, the fixed sound files and dgVoodoo and it's a convenient way to do that. You could also do these individually:
Widescreen: ( )
Sound: ( )
dgVoodoo: ( )

3. Download the Shogo_21-9.rar file from Attachments on this page ( ) and ***ONLY*** extract the D3DIM.DLL file to your main directory. This file allows resolutions over 1080p

4. Run Shogo.exe and choose Display, it should be set on dgVoodoo and now you can also set the resolution to over 1080p without it going back to 640x480.

5. Choose Customize from the launcher and make sure the widescreen patch is under "Rez files to load" and "Always load these rez files" is ticked

6. Go to Advanced and make sure the only boxes ticked are "Enable Poly Gap Fixing" and "Enable Triple Buffering"

7. Launch the game and (hopefully) enjoy!
FINALLY. A fix for the black box then crash. I was about to request a refund for a game I've always loved.

THANK YOU for getting all this together.
Thank you thank you thank you! I loved this game back in the day and was extremely disappointed to see that I couldnt even get it started. These fixes worked and now I can actually play it! .... at least for a few minutes before it crashes