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This is one of my all time favourite games and we the second game after the 11th hour that got me into adventure games so I'm really really looking forward to playing it again and I'm so happy that it's finally available on here.

What I'm wondering though is, is it still set to the old letterbox resolution or does the gog version scale to modern day screens?

It's not going to stop be buying it, but would be nice to know before sitting down to enjoy the fun and horror all over again and not be disappointed.

Thanks in advance :)
The game has a fixed 4:3 aspect ratio.
On my laptop, which has onboard (Intel HD 4000) and dedicated graphics (GeForce 920M 2 GB Dedicated) . I select under (via right click) 'Panel fit' -'Scale Full screen' and select 1024x768 and it plays 'full screen'. I do this with any game that doesn't support widescreen. It plays perfect. My native resolution is 1366x768 which is hard to play full screen on anyway